Unidentified Craft Seen Hovering Over Buildings in Oregon Is Strange and Interesting Fascination and Discussion

This is a fantastic video showing a large white UFO craft just hovering over some buildings in Dallas Oregon and yes it’s Dallas Oregon not Texas.

Unbelievable UFO sighting from Dallas Oregon USA September 23rd 2012.

This is an old video from 2012 and I’ll admit that I’ve never seen this one before.

A UFO over Dallas, Oregon on September 23rd 2012.

On September 23rd, 2012, a white craft was spotted hovering over buildings in Dallas, Oregon, USA.

This UFO sighting is definitely one of the better ones, and has not been debunked despite it being 11 year’s ago. Even my efforts to find more information on this sighting hasn’t been fruitful, there is very little available. I’ve found only a couple of links to 2 vids on YouTube but there seems to be nothing on this? That’s so strange because it looks really promising doesn’t it?

The video of the UFO hovering over the buildings is impressive, and shows the craft in great detail. There’s a window or port if you like because it’s on a craft. The craft or UFO to term it correctly is white in color and appears to be quite large. It hovers effortlessly over the buildings, and the witness doesn’t seem to be talking or anything which could be from amazement? I’m definitely going to be looking into this more but for now it’s just a UFO sighting without explanation other than it’s knowing it’s place and date. It’s a great example of a UFO sighting that has yet to be explained.

Overall, the sighting of the white craft in Dallas, Oregon, USA on September 23rd, 2012 is a fascinating and is of the unexplained phenomenon kind. We don’t know where it came from or where it went from here? Despite looking, there is very little information available on this sighting which is unfortunate but not unique. The video over the buildings is impressive and shows the craft in great detail if we zoom into it which I have done in the screenshot above. This is one of the better ones if you ask me.

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