The truth about the flying saucer like object escorted by US police

The strange object resembling a flying saucer carried by a truck accompanied by a convoy of police vehicles is actually an aircraft being tested by the US Air Force.

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A video recently posted by an anonymous witness shows a truck carrying a strange white object resembling an alien flying saucer being escorted by a police convoy on a highway near the Fort Leonard Wood area in the state. Missouri at 10:15 pm on February 1 caused a stir in the online community, according to Express.

The Fort Leonard Wood area is about 386 km from Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. The fact that this base is said to be where the military hides UFO corpses, even alien bodies, makes many people believe that the strange object is a flying saucer.

However, Andre Milne, founder of defense technology company Unicorn Aerospace, confirmed on February 16 that the object in the video was an aircraft belonging to Project Black secretly developed by the US Air Force.

“The flying saucer-like object carried on the back of a truck in the video is actually an advanced design of a series of experimental aircraft called Flying Wing Bodies. According to this design, the fuselage of the aircraft is also its wing,” Milne speak.

Milne said prototypes of the aircraft are being built to test the aerodynamic properties of the design concept. “I hope this revelation will help clarify any confusion about cases of UFO-style aircraft being transported by heavy trucks across the United States,” Milne shared.

Scott Brando, who runs the website, which specializes in explaining cases of UFO sightings, believes that the object on the truck in the video is an X-47B drone, a tailless monoplane used Using a jet engine that can operate semi-automatically and refuel in the air.

Last December, a YouTube user also shared a video showing a truck carrying an unusually large cargo box traveling on a highway in Saticoy, California, USA, under the escort of police cars.

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