After seeing an army of UFOs, people believe they have discovered the beginning of “Project Blue Beam”

People believe a 1994 conspiracy theory may be finally coming to fruition after supposedly spotting an army of UFOs in the sky.

‘Project Blue Beam’ is a nearly 30-year conspiracy theory that originated from Canadian investigative journalist Serge Monast.

It was reported they would do this by using top secret, highly advanced technology that would enable them to use mind control, manipulate the weather, and even create holograms in the sky.

Speaking of things in the sky:

The theorist believed that at first the holograms would be UFOs and cities in the clouds, with the idea being that they want to scare people.

Monast said a technology-simulated Second Coming of Christ would then take place, which would allow them to establish a New Age Religion and New World Order.

And now, some people believe they may have seen the beginning of Project Blue Beam with an ‘army of UFOs’ spotted in the sky.

The footage was uploaded to TikTok, captioned ‘Army of UFOs, do you believe’.

People in the comments to the clip have been stating whether they do believe the footage is indeed the start of the long-rumoured conspiracy theory.

People have questioned the footage circulating on TikTok. Credit: LordNeer/TikTok
People have questioned the footage circulating on TikTok. Credit: LordNeer/TikTok

One person said: “Project blue beam. This what Startlink is going to be used for. A fake [alien] invasion. If you don’t know what project blue beam is look it Up.”

A second added: “Project blue beam.”

However, many do not see it as the start as Project Blue Beam: “We are aware lights in sky doesn’t equal ufo right,” one non-believer said.

Another added: “Yawn no it’s some lights in the night sky. Get a grip.”

A third said: “Just light projection from ground.”

One person believes this theory has run its course: “Stop by for a sec, no body is ready interested in this anymore.”

Meanwhile, others also sensibly pointed out it could just be a bunch of drones.

UFO sightings have been a topic of conversation for many years. Credit: Kiyoshi Takahase Segundo / Alamy Stock Photo

UFO sightings have been a topic of conversation for many years. Credit: Kiyoshi Takahase Segundo / Alamy Stock Photo

Despite being years old at this point, the theory still continues to come up in conversation to this day.

Most notably, it came up again during the coronavirus pandemic, as according to the theory, epidemics could be used for establishing control over humans.

Monast passed away just two years after he revealed his theory, and it’s fair to say it was quite an eventful final two years of his life.

In 1995 he released another theory – Les Protocoles de Toronto, which went deeper into secret group creating a New World Order – and in 1996 he said he was hunted by the police and authorities for the involvement in ‘networks of prohibited information’.

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