A UFO can be seen entering a dimensional portal in an odd footage taken in Mexico

More and more people believe in the existence of other realities and dimensions, besides ours, communicating and even overlapping. This idea goes much further, and is the possibility of being able to travel between dimensions. And the reality is that there are a lot of stories about portals being opened to the different realms.

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It’s intriguing, but also a bit scary. But not only humans could travel through the different dimensions, alien beings would also be using these portals to teleport between dimensions. And this is the case with a new video, which shows what appears to be a strange UFO disappearing into a dimensional portal in the sky.

The dimensional portal of Mexico

According to the British tabloid Daily Express, the video was posted on the Facebook page “I’m From Denver”, which claims that the flying object was seen over southern Colorado, although other reports say that the incident occurred in Mexico. The popular YouTube channel UFO Today explained that these are images of a UFO entering some kind of dimensional portal above Mexico.

“These are images of a UFO entering some kind of dimensional portal above Mexico,” reads the description of the video published by UFO Today. “The images look real. The people who reported this strange unidentified flying object in the sky were told that this was some kind of proof. People described the object moving above the city and suddenly disappearing. A lot of people posted this video on Twitter and it caused a bit of a panic as the images are so captivating.”

As can be seen in the video, there is a group of strange crescent lights before a square portal opens in the sky at night, to disappear without a trace. And the truth is that, if it is a real video, then we would be facing one of the best evidences of UFO activity.

However, the most skeptical say that it is a hoax carried out using computer-generated images (CGI from English Computer-generated imagery). And because the original source doesn’t say exactly where the incident occurred, it’s impossible to verify with local authorities and whether residents actually saw something that appeared to be of extraterrestrial origin. Also, such an incident should have been covered by the local media.

And as we have previously commented, the video was not recorded in Colorado, rather in March of this year in Sonora, a Mexican state near the border with the United States. For its part, the popular research channel Gabehash assured that it is possible to recreate the video using a program called Adobe After Effects.

ovni entrando portal dimensional - Extraño vídeo grabado en México muestra un OVNI entrando en un portal dimensional

“Most of the video is blurry and like I said, this is done to hide the animation,” Gabehash explains in his video titled “UFO in Sonora Mexico, Dimensional Gate? (Explanation) 2017”. “In conclusion, in our opinion, the video is false and simply an animation created through the computer.”

But it can also be said that Gabehash is dedicated to discrediting all kinds of videos that show UFO activity, paranormal phenomena or other strange events, earning all kinds of criticism and being considered a misinformer by conspiracy theorists. The reality is that it is impossible to prove or disprove anything without more information, so it can only be classified as unproven, an unsolved mystery. So we only have your opinion.

Do you think this video is fake? Or perhaps it is the best evidence of UFO activity in recent decades?

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