Top 20 Incredibly Vibrant Color Tattoo Ideas for Deeper Skin Tones

In the tattoo world, there’s a common misconception that color tattoos are harder to achieve on deeper skin tones. However, tattoo artists who understand how to properly ink Black and Brown skin have repeatedly proven this untrue. It all comes down to color theory and technique—and when artists keep both in mind, they can achieve beautiful, vibrant tattoos on their deeper-toned clients.

Need some examples? Ahead, we’ve rounded up 20 examples of color tattoos on deeper skin to pull inspiration from.

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Wraparound Dragon

red dragon arm tattoo

For those with fiery personalities, consider this red dragon tattoo. The wraparound placement on the arm is visually appealing and unique.

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Gorgeous Portrait

woman with headwrap tattoo

Portrait tattoos are always beautiful. With this one, the little details take it to the next level. We’re obsessed with this ink, from the dainty leaves to the detailed accessories.

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Blue Butterfly

blue butterfly tattoo

Butterflies are classic tattoo ideas, but this one is far from basic. It uses various shades of blue and incorporates striking details (like the eyes and lashes).

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Oversized Flowers

color flower tattoo

Cover your back in bold florals. These oversized lilies are gorgeous, and the contrasting ink shades really make the tattoo pop.

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Birds and Branches

birds on a tree tattoo

This ink captures the beauty of birds sitting on branches. Pairing black and red ink is always a good choice.

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Landscape Strip

underwater tattoo on forearm

This is one of the most eye-catching arm tattoos we’ve seen. This black strip tattoo is decorated with a gorgeous landscape scene.

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Floral State

state outline tattoo with flower design

This tattoo allows you to represent your state in a fun, fresh way. Adding a large flower to the state outline elevates the body art.

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Flower Arrangement

floral thigh tattoos

There’s no such thing as too many florals—as exhibited by this expansive thigh tattoo. The right thigh is the center of attention, featuring vibrant red flowers.

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Snakes and Flowers

flowers and snake tattoo

There are three words to describe this look: bold, beautiful, and edgy. The stunning foliage designs make the snake body art feel a little less intense.

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Floral Sleeve

red flower tattoos

If you’re ready to commit to a sleeve, take notes from this example. The larger-than-life florals and dainty details come together to create a gorgeous piece.

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Floral Bouquet

flower tattoos on upper thigh

A small bouquet of flowers makes for the perfect upper thigh tattoo. The details on each flower and its stem make this one of our favorite examples on this list.

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Red Florals

red floral arm tattoo

A floral sleeve is a great choice in our book. We love that the beautiful red flowers extend from the wrist to the upper arm.

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Very Berry

berry tatto on shoulder

If you’re looking for the perfect shoulder tattoo, consider this berry body art. The purple berries and green leaves are spot-on.

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Pink Orchids

orchid tattoos

The forearm is the perfect spot for this draped orchid tattoo. The purple-pink tones of the flowers give it such a realistic, fresh feel.

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Spring Florals

floral arrangement with bird tattoos

This colorful work of art is the epitome of spring in full bloom. The perfectly shaded orchids, leaves, and singular bird make this such an unforgettable piece.

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Flower Power Woman

woman's face with floral arrangement

This is far from your average portrait—it’s bold, bright, and beautiful. The woman’s detailed profile is decorated with gorgeous, blooming flowers.

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Heart-Shaped Portrait

heart-shaped tattoo

This tattoo offers a unique take on the traditional portrait. The woman’s profile is captured inside a red heart, while the sunflower adds even more of a whimsical touch to the ink.

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In Full Bloom

floral tattoo on chest

Sternum tattoos are always edgy and exciting. This large floral piece is particularly noteworthy. The different flowers and vibrant shades create such a mesmerizing piece.

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Watercolor Artwork

blue abstract watercolor tattoo

This watercolor-esque tattoo is a work of art. The various strokes of blue ink come together to create a one-of-a-kind piece.

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Spine Florals

blue flower tattoo on spine

The spine is a cool spot for a tattoo, especially a long flower like this one. A blue daisy is such an unexpected take on the flower.

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