The World’s Most Popular Festivals | Well-Known International Festivals

Festivals are all about attracting positivity and repelling negativity. Yes, they open enriching cultural exchange opportunities and also expand our knowledge about unique traditions practised in different parts of the world. Being a part of great festivals in the world is not just about entertainment but these are the ultimate travel moments when we receive warm greetings even from strangers, we build new connections, become humble, respectful and embracive towards other cultures. Attending festivals at the places we travel brings a new dimension to our perspective and personality.

Well, having said that, here’s a list of 10 popular festivals in the world that are no less than a hearty feast to satiate your travel beast. So mark your calendar, live up to the essence of travelling and enjoy these festivals fellas!

1. Rio Carnival‎ | Brazil

The biggest carnival in the world, Rio Carnival‎ is the major drawcard for the nation. Dating back to 1650’s, the carnival originally began to pay a tribute to the God of grape harvest. However, in centuries this traditional festival of Brazil has received a great momentum due to its growing popularity among foreign travellers. Whole slew of tourists gather in Rio de Janeiro in the month of February to witness the elaborate parades and mind blowing performances by the top Samba dancers of the country.

Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Duration of Festival: 6 days

Festival Month: February or March

2. Sydney New Year’s Eve | Australia

What could be a better place than Sydney -the New Year’s Eve Capital of the World to welcome the new year? Yes, Australia is the first country in the world to welcome the New Year and which is why the New Year’s eve is celebrated here with great pomp and show. All the landmarks of the city such as Sydney Harbour, Opera House, Bondi Beach, Harbour bridge etc dazzle with twinkling lights along with putting up a spectacular display of fireworks which is absolutely a visual treat.

Place: Sydney, Australia Duration of Festival: Single day

Festival Month: 31st December

3. Kumbh Mela | India

The largest congregation of pilgrims on the planet, Kumbh Mela is a true delight for travellers who love to experience unique cultures and traditions. This massive religious festival of India is celebrated four times in the span of twelve years at four different sacred sites: Haridwar, Ujjain, Nashik and Prayagraj. This grand festival is believed to be prevalent in the country from the past 2000 years and puts up a mind blowing spectacle of millions of pilgrims bathing at the confluence of holy rivers in order to absolve themselves from sins.

Place: Haridwar, Ujjain, Nashik, Prayagraj Duration of Festival: For a month

Festival Month: April to May

4. Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta | New Mexico

The world’s premier ballooning event, Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta is all about childhood fantasies. Kicked off in 1972 with barely 13 balloons afloat, today Albuquerque has become a ground where more than 500 flying aficionados take part. This magical festival is where you can grab the kaleidoscopic view of balloon studded sky in distinct shapes and designs.

Place: Albuquerque, New Mexico Duration of Festival: 9 days

Festival Month: First week of October

5. Running of the Bulls | Spain

Dating back to the 12th century, the Running of the Bulls is a spectacular traditional festival of Spain that attracts over a million of tourists from all over the world. This world-famous festival takes place between 7th to 14th July every year during the fiestas of Sanfermin. The mega event starts in the early hours and puts together a massive display of crowd running around on the bullfight arena that stretches between Corrales de Santo Domingo to Pamplona’s Plaza de Toros. Even though it is a short stretch, it’s indeed a tough bet to save yourself from charging Spanish bulls. Despite many accidents, the festival has been going on for centuries and the number of spectators is amping up every year.

Place: Pamplona, Spain Duration of Festival: 8 days

Festival Month: July

6. Oktoberfest | Germany

The world’s largest beer festival, Oktoberfest, is all about fun and merrymaking. This glorious super fest is one of the top attractions of Germany Tourism as close to 6 million people visit Munich – the haven for beer lovers, every year to take part in the grand festivity. The major highlights of the Oktoberfest are beer tasting sessions by breweries and restaurants, tent hopping, tasting delicious Bavarian delights and having a gala time between beer lovers. Since the crowd is large, make sure you make reservations well in advance.

Place: Munich, Germany Duration of Festival: 3 Weeks

Festival Month: September

7. Toro Nagashi | Japan

Besides being famous for its breathtaking cherry blossoms, Japan is a place that leaves you overwhelmed with its vibrant culture. If you really wish to see what fairy tales look like in the real world then you must visit this land of rising sun in the month of August to attend its exceptionally beautiful Toro Nagashi festival. During the three days of this traditional celebration, thousands of lanterns are set afloat after the sun goes down. This spectacular sight of lantern lit sky draws a vivid picture that stays etched in your mind forever.

Place: Togetsukyo Bridge, Kyoto Duration of Festival: 3 days

Festival Month: August

8. Yuan Xiao Festival | China

Another beautiful festival that is a visual treat for the travellers is Yuan Xiao Festival of China that is traditionally known as the Chinese Lantern Festival. It is among the famous festivals around the world that is known for sky lantern ceremony along with spectacular lion dances, fireworks displays and traditional cuisines of China. During this grand festival of China, streets are embellished by colourful decorations and lanterns on which riddles are written. Chinese believe that this festival symbolises good fortune and giving up the fears.

Place: All over the country

Duration of Festival: Single Day Festival Month: February

9. Burning Man | USA

One of the great festivals in the world that celebrates art and self-expression in full throttle, Burning Man is definitely about experiencing true exchange of ideas and thoughts. The festival is a brainchild of renowned artist, Larry Harvey who began this art cult in 1986. Over the span of almost 4 decades, the festival has become a melting pot of unconventional forms of art. Right from unique creations of art, mutant versions or nude body paintings, the festival has multiple facets that are joy to watch. Besides, Burning Man is also popular as it is a representation ofan extensive barter economy and gifting.

Place: Black Rock Desert, Nevada Duration of Festival: 6 days

Festival Month: August

10. The Carnival of Venice | Italy

Heralding a historical victory of Venice, the Carnival of Venice has been an integral part of Venetian culture since 1162. During this cultural extravaganza, people get an opportunity to witness the spectacular processions of natives dressed up in elaborate masks, ball gowns, fancy coats and traditional attires. During this two weeks festivity, the streets of this elegant city display unforgettable spectacles of parades, dance and drama. Special highlights of the Carnival of Venice include classical concerts, Street shows, Grand Masquerade Balls, Venetian Mask Competition, Ice skating etc which keeps the travellers immersed in their vibrant culture.

Place: San Marco, Venice Duration of Festival: 2 Weeks

Festival Month: Around February and March

With this, the world famous festivals list comes to an end. It was truly a delight going back to the much needed celebration time.

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