The untold tale of Marcus Rashford’s tattoo: See his 12 tattoos’ hidden meanings

Marcus Rashford is an English football player who plays for a pro team. He plays right now for Manchester United, a big team in the Premier League, and for the England National Team. Rashford is also the youngest English player to score in his first senior international match. Rashford’s body hides some pretty cool tattoos that you might not know about.

1. ‘Scroll’ Tattoo


The football player has a large tattoo of a scroll on his left shoulder and upper arm. Above the scroll, he has the words “Family Forever” tattooed on his shoulder. It also has the names of his family members and a tribute to his Nan. He also has tiny stars tattooed on his arm to fill in the spaces between the other designs.

Rashford’s tattoo is a reminder of how much he loves his family and how much he loved his grandmother, Cillian Henry.

2. ‘Praying Hands’ Tattoo


On his upper left arm, the scroll also has two hands joined in prayer with a rosemary bead necklace wrapped around them. The hands are part of his tribute tattoo for her. They are right next to the word “Nan.”

3. ‘Eye and Writing’ Tattoo


He has a tattoo of an eye on the inside of his left elbow, and a large tattoo of writing covers the inside of his left forearm. Both of the tattoos on his sleeve have the same small stars around them.

4. ‘Dandelion’ Tattoo


On the upper side of his left forearm is a tattoo of a dandelion withering in the wind, and above it are the words “Always in my Heart.” The words are surrounded by tiny dandelion seeds.

5. ‘Bug’ Tattoo


On the top of his left forearm, just below the dandelion, he has a tattoo of a bug.

6. ‘Lion’ Tattoo


The football player has a tattoo of the face of a lion on his left hand. Rashford is very driven, and he got the lion tattoo because he thinks it fits his personality. You’ll soon find out that he has another lion tattoo on his body.

7. ‘Flower’ Tattoo


He has a tattoo of a flower on the upper side of his right forearm. It’s not finished because there’s a black banner below the flower that doesn’t have any words on it yet.

8. Angel Wings Tattoo


The football player has wings tattooed on his back. The wings go across his upper back and meet at his spine. Wings show that the person wants to be free and independent, and that they want to fly high and reach the top of their success.

9. ‘Lion’ Tattoo


Rashford has another tattoo on his body of the face of a lion. This one goes on his left chest. The athlete got the lion because it shows what kind of person he is.

10. Chest Tattoo


Rashford has another piece of writing on the right side of his chest.

11. ‘House’ Tattoo


A tattoo of a big house with trees is on the left side of his body. In front of the house, there is also a little boy playing football. Rashford is the little boy playing football, and this tattoo shows how much he has loved football ever since he was a child.

12. Logo Tattoo


The tattoo on the football player’s right thigh is of the letters “M and R” merged together in the shape of a shield. It is located on the upper portion of the thigh. In addition to having wings, the shield also has rays of shine emanating from behind it. Marcus Rashford’s name is represented by the letters “M and R” in the tattoo, which serves as his personal logo.

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