Captivating Convertible: China’s Enchanting Automotive Innovation

the “landing” of a number of 4-wheel motorcycle models, recently a Chinese convertible car model owns 3 wheels with a “fake” sporty design. Báo VietnamNet

It is known that this model is called EEC Trike 250, manufactured by a Chinese company called KAXA. EEC Trike 250 is “imitation” of the style of naked-wheel racing cars of some famous car manufacturers in the world, while the rear of the car has only one wheel in the middle.

The two front wheels of the car have a driving role and use quite high-class car wheels. Each wheel also has an independent suspension system and uses disc brakes. The steering mechanism of the EEC Trike 250 is similar to that of a car.

At the back of this 3-wheel sports car is designed an extremely large wheel in the middle, with the gripper welded from steel pipes. This 3-wheeler model also has a tubular steel chassis and a lightweight plastic shell.

On the inside of the car, the interior of the car is designed to be minimalist but still has enough room for 2 people to sit and is integrated with seat belts. The driver will control the car through a sports steering wheel and pedal like a car. The control cluster of the car is also minimalist with a small panel containing switches located next to the steering wheel.

The engine of the EEC Trike 250 is located in the middle of the car, slightly backward and is a 250 cc 1-cylinder, 4-valve type with a maximum capacity of 25 horsepower. It is not clear whether this engine is manufactured by KAXA or acquired from another supplier such as Lifan or Zongshen.

With this engine, the EEC Trike is advertised by the manufacturer as capable of reaching a maximum speed of 120 km / h. However, it is likely that the car will not be able to reach this speed.

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