61+ Best Women’s Thigh Tattoo Designs for 2023

Running out of ideas on what tattoo to wear on your thighs? No worries, we have listed a stunning compilation of exquisite thigh tattoo designs for women looking for a game-changer.

1. Fairy Thigh Tattoos for Women

The tattoo depicted in this image perfectly conveys the beauty of a fairy arriving on Earth with her butterfly companions.


The tattoo design is pretty basic; you can use any favourite quote and add some sense of style by including flowers and leaf stems.

Check out our guide to find the best tattoo designs for women as we list stunning ideas for inspiration.


7. Floral Thigh Tattoo

Flowers appear to be so beautiful and ethereal that they completely alter the mood. This is a simple tattoo that exudes elegance for those looking for one.


8. Life and death Tattoos 

Tattoos with hidden meanings are all the latest craze, and here’s one that represents the inextricable link between life and death.


9. Fairy Side Thigh Tattoos for Females

A fairy holding a skull nonchalantly? Well, that’s a relatively new kind of tattoo, isn’t it?


10. Leafy Vine Tattoos

This green vine that completely covers your entire leg stands out among all the tattoo designs on this list.


11. Seagulls Side Thigh Tattoos for Women

Seagulls represent freedom. We have two of them here, which allude to the good and evil natures that all humans possess, but our primary purpose is to allow them to do whatever they want.


12. Christian Cross Tattoos 

With flowers grown around the cross, this tattoo is one of the most beautiful selections on our list.


13. Abstract Front Thigh Tattoos for Females

A simple but lovely tattoo created to glam up your thighs.


14. Jellyfish Cute Thigh Tattoos for Women

What about a stunning and enticing jellyfish tattoo? What’s there to stop you?


15. Sun and Moon Side Thigh Tattoos for Females

The Sun and Moon play a crucial part in bestowing our wishes, and as a token of our gratitude for guiding us down the right path and sticking with us when we are alone, we have a tattoo honouring them.


16. Bird Thigh Tattoos for Women

This tattoo depicts a lovely scene in which a bird is blissfully resting on a tree with leaves falling around it. This is a very peaceful tattoo.


17. Love yourself Tattoo

Flaunting your thighs with a savage quote tattoo, why not?


18. Sea Horse Cute Thigh Tattoos for Women

A seahorse tattoo for those who want a thigh tattoo that isn’t too complicated.


19. Grasping the Flowers Thigh Tattoo

The best tattoos are those that have a deep meaning. Here’s one that’s just a simple drawing of a hand choosing a flower, which can be interpreted as catching your dreams.


20. Moon phase Tattoo

The moon phases are the pinnacle of natural beauty, so this tattoo is the most gorgeous of all the ones shown here.


21. Rose in the Bell Jar Tattoo

Even if Bella and Beast’s love tale is beautiful, you have to admit that the bell jar is the one who stole the show. The moment it cracks, the curse is broken, and here is a beautiful tattoo depicting the moment the spell was broken.


22. Snake Thigh Tattoos for Women

Another artistic one in our list which conveys the varying aesthetic sense of a woman.


23. Charm Thigh Tattoos for Women

A lovely charm bracelet that looks like a tattoo on the thighs.


24. Royal Jewelry Thigh Tattoo

Queens and princesses donned a variety of enchanted jewels in ancient times. Oh, those were the good old days, but what’s keeping you from wearing jewelry now?

Maybe genuine accouterments are too much for you, but we have a solution for you!


25. Whale Tattoo

Here’s a unique one: a tattoo of a whale reaching the surface of the sea. Isn’t it a wonderful one?


26. Mirrors and Butterflies Tattoo

The ethereal splendour of the sky is depicted in this elegant thigh tattoo, which is the epitome of beauty and picturesque.


27. Lunar phases Front Thigh Tattoos for Females

The moon phases have a special effect on them, which is why we recommend you get this beautiful lunar phases tattoo on your leg. It has the appearance of a bracelet and is quite beautiful.


28. Bohemian Thigh Tattoos for Women

Look at this tattoo, which beautifully symbolises the relationship between the sun and moon and various adornments.


29. Line art Thigh Tattoos for Women

The line art depicted here is a popular one that depicts the love between two people. Perhaps as a couple of goals tattoo, you and your spouse might choose this one.


30. Clock Thigh Tattoos for Women

As a thigh tattoo, a clock accessory tattoo wonderfully encased between gorgeous blossoms could be the most attractive choice you’ve ever made.


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