5 incredible archaeological finds that might be discovered in 2023

Predicting the future is tricky, but based on our research, we’ve made some educated guesses as to the archaeological discoveries and stories we may see in 2023. There’s a possibility that the mummy of Nefertiti will be discovered, as archaeologists are conducting DNA tests in an Egyptian tomb to see if one of the mummies is the remains of the ancient Egyptian queen. We also may learn more about an underground city that flourished in Turkey about 2,000 years ago. Here are our five archaeological predictions for 2023.

1. Nefertiti’s mummy?

A view of the bust of one of history’s great beauties, Queen Nefertiti of Egypt. (Image credit: OLIVER LANG / Staff via Getty Images)

First found in modern times in 1817, the tomb “KV 21,” as Egyptologists call it, is located in the Valley of the Kings and contains two female mummies, according to the Theban Mapping Project (opens in new tab). At present, a team led by Zahi Hawass, former Egyptian minister of antiquities, is re-examining the tomb and its mummies by conducting DNA tests. Hawass told Live Science that the team is examining the possibility that one of the mummies is Nefertiti. While it’s uncertain whether scientists will find the remains of the ancient Egyptian queen, there is a good chance we will hear more about this tomb and the mummies buried within it in 2023.

2. Underground city in Turkey

Many artifacts from the second and third centuries A.D. were unearthed in an underground city in Mardin’s Midyat district in Turkey. (Image credit: Photo by Halil Ibrahim Sincar/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

In 2022, archaeologists in Midyat, Turkey, discovered an underground city that dates back 2,000 years and may have been home to up to 70,000 people. The remains of a Christian church and Jewish synagogue have been found, and it’s possible that people in the underground city were trying to hide from the Roman Empire, which ruled the area and at times persecuted Christians and Jews.

One important detail is that only 5% of the city has been excavated so far. Research is ongoing, so it’s possible that new discoveries will be made in this underground city in 2023.

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