1948’s Star Automobiles.

Classic & Sports Car – 1948’s star cars: inside the May 2023 issue of Classic & Sports Car

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A new era

For this month’s cover feature, we are winding the clock back 75 years to the first British motor show since WW2, where a host of forward-looking models ushered in a new age of motoring.

Join us from p88 of our brand-new issue as we bring together a Ferrari 166MM, Citroën 2CV, Jaguar XK120, Land-Rover, Morris Minor and Porsche 356 for a memorable photoshoot at Goodwood Motor Circuit, which was also established in 1948.

Chrysler Newport Town and Country

From p122 of the May 2023 Classic & Sports Car, Martin Buckley takes to the wheel of this classic Chrysler.

This glamorous attempt to steal some of Cadillac and Lincoln’s market share still impresses today.

Citroën CX vs Lancia Gamma

Also in our May 2023 issue we have the Lancia Gamma and Citroën CX, cars that were nearly blood brothers but grew apart.

Martin Buckley returns as we meet two fine examples.

Peugeot Rallyes

Lightweight hot-hatch thrills aplenty are in store in our May magazine, as Aaron McKay gathers three Peugeot Rallye cars, the 106, 205 and 306.

Rally homologation led to three generations of these fun-filled cars and they’re still very entertaining today.

Also in our brand-new magazine you can enjoy our regular columns, news, historic motorsport coverage and much more.

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